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    La Granja

    Ibiza, Spain

    Born in the Ibizan countryside in 2016, La Granja is a working farmstead and hospitality concept devoted to discourse on farming and food. We are taking a break but hope to share news soon.

    Back to the Land

    La Granja adheres to a system known as regenerative agriculture, which aims not merely to farm sustainably but to farm in such a way as to improve the land. Soil health is of prime importance, and all activity on the farm, from composting, mulching and the introduction of livestock to the seeding of symbiotic plant species in beneficial formations, is meant to reduce carbon emissions and create richer, healthier pastures, resulting in tastier, more nutritious crops.

    Old, ridged terraces are reborn, revealing a seeded curation of the land with dozens of seasonal fruit and vegetable varieties in signed and labeled garden plots. Guests learn about regenerative and biodynamic agriculture through workshops, classes and community-based projects that assist in the reactivation of abandoned agricultural lands.

    Daily Rituals

    Step into the rhythms and rituals of a day at La Granja Ibiza. From the farmers' morning crop harvests and a beekeeper's visit to the honeycomb to the sights and sounds of dusk, Daily Rituals explores the makings of a day on the farm.

    Encyclopedia of the Farm

    The best way to understand La Granja is to begin, quite literally, at the roots. In our multimedia feature, Encyclopedia of the Farm, we follow a selection of crops as they make their way from soil to sustenance in a highly sustainable, zero-waste process presented by the farmers, cooks, critters and creative minds who make La Granja what it is today.
    Armin Fischer, Dreimeta Design Studio “The art of imperfect beauty is accepting the natural cycle of growth and decay. Using flawed and scarred materials and surfaces we’ve alluded to the enigma of time passing.”

    design philosophy

    We embrace the heritage of the farmhouse and its inherent connection to the land, while honoring rustic simplicity, growth and decay, modesty and transience. Tranquil, shadow-cast guestrooms feature earth-hued Belgian linens, free-standing claw-foot bathtubs and distressed, reclaimed furnishings in materials of burnt wood, brushed and oiled ash, wood, stone and slate.


    From film screenings and live musical performances to workshops, talks and exhibitions, we curate a year-round cultural program devoted to the cultivation of arts, crops and inner gardens.

    The Journal

    Meditations on slowness through photography, film, art and original reportage.
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