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Slowness is a collective of people, places and projects that reframe the way we live, work and interact. Through the holistic development, design and programming of destinations in Portugal, Mexico, Thailand, Germany and beyond, we build and nourish locally rooted places that offer a deeper, more conscious form of hospitality.

Slowness encompasses the creative campus Flussbad with its state-of-the-art performance space Reethaus, the Berlin bakery Sofi, the manor house Arnesse in Germany’s Uckermark and several places in Portugal, including the community supported agriculture project Friends of a Farmer, as well as a global membership program and a multidisciplinary knowledge academy.

Behind Slowness is Slow Capital, an independent holding company founded by Claus Sendlinger, a hospitality pioneer whose previous companies include the world’s first boutique hotel marketing consortium, Design Hotels, and Peter Conrads, whose long career in consultancy and investment includes the re-organization of the United Nations in the early 1990s. Together with Slow Capital CEO Serdar Kutucu, they built a team that’s uniquely suited to tackle current challenges in the industry and push toward a slower, more sustainable future.













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