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Friends of a Farmer

Arrábida Coast, Portugal

Launched in Portugal in 2021, Friends of a Farmer is an initiative to regenerate our soil, awaken the farm and cultivate a community.


A true Community Supported Agriculture project, Friends of a Farmer reflects a mutual commitment between farmer and consumer to support regenerative, small-scale agriculture, allowing us to grow high-quality, seasonal and organic produce without waste. Led by master famer Andy Szymanowicz, we are committed to thoughtfully farming seasonal and organic produce without waste, fostering a more authentic, respectful approach to our nourishment, as well as community programming on and around the farm.

To celebrate the beginning of our harvest each year, we hold a farmer’s market in the Graça neighborhood of Lisbon, where we share our own crops, all grown without the use of chemicals and pesticides, as well as local and artisanal products from the region. Our wish is to foster a strong bond between our community, the farm and the local producers—to build a farm with you.

Andy Szymanowicz, Master Farmer “Conventional agribusinesses are polluting our land, degrading our soils and harming our planet. Our farm offers a conscious alternative. We see the farm as a whole living system and treat our soil as the essential ingredient to our nutrient-rich food, helping to mitigate the leading contributor to climate change and offering our friends real food that they can trust.”


Together with our partners, we are building a community dedicated to regeneration and the joy of living in harmony with our environment.
On our farm, we employ passionate, fairly-paid people committed to this goal. Supporting our farm means supporting a community of people, plants, animals, and earth, working together to sustain and support our shared earth. In addition, we lead tours on the land and monthly educational workshops, from wild orchid spotting to guided tomato harvests, bringing our community into direct contact with the farmers and educating them about regenerative farming, ecosystem restoration, nutrition and holistic health.

Sofia Reis Pinto, farm lead “We feel the bonds of the community that step by step our farm starts to create, from workshops and visits to each week's boxes filled with our best vegetables, to every simple conversation. The seeds are being planted, and they are starting to germinate.”

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