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From film screenings and live musical performances to workshops, talks and exhibitions, we curate a year-round cultural program devoted to the cultivation of arts, crops and inner gardens. At our seasonally open Places, we host open houses every Friday.

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Farmer's Workshop

Tomato Harvest & Farm Picnic

Aldeia do Meco

To mark the tomato harvest, we’re hosting a picnic at the Meco Beach farm, accompanied by live music and discussion. The gathering kicks off a rotating program of community-supported farming, arts and knowledge exchange that aims to restore conscious appreciation for the natural world, creating a model for a regenerative society.

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Jason Kriegler Exhibition

Tulum Treehouse

Tulum Treehouse welcomes our new exhibiting artist, Merida-based textile painter Jason Kriegler. Drawing influence from traditional textile design, Jason incorporates abstraction to create contemporary works that blur the lines between painting and textile art. His pared-down paper embroidery paintings suggest organic, biological forms but can also be experienced purely as abstracted combinations of shapes, line and texture.

Despite their simplicity, they have a captivating quality that reveals the complexity of hand embroidering onto paper, enlivened by a sense of depth that only seems to grow with continued examination. The exhibition runs for six months.


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Sofi Baking Workshop

Sofi, Berlin

Join the Sofi team as they uncover the wisdom of breadmaking. Beginning with grains sourced from some of the best small organic farmers in Northern Europe, Sofi’s bakers will demonstrate how to recover and preserve their true flavors, from the wild, piquant flavors of Emmer to squishy champagne rye.

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Open House

Noble Salon

Casa Noble, Lisbon

Casa Noble kicks off its salon series with a multidisciplinary gathering around food, performance and ideas.  Our year-round program of thematically curated cultural salons features poetry readings and intimate live musical performances accompanied by guided discussions on diverse topics, from sustainable urban development to Portuguese artistic traditions to social topics of import to the community.

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Wild Flower Workshop

The Farm at Meco

Join us at our farm in Meco to learn to grow, cut and arrange your own flowers. Bring a vase or two that you would like to design for your home. The workshop will be guided by Slow’s master farmer and biodynamic expert, Andy Szymanowicz, who is currently leading the agricultural development of our farm in Meco Beach.

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Calendar Archive

Project Opening

Opening Week of Simple

São João Caparica, Portugal

As restrictions continue to loosen and Europe enters this long-awaited golden summer, we are happy to announce the opening of our beach restaurant and surf club Simple São João. Join us for our opening week of the restaurant and surf club for a first look at our newest project.

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Open House

Open House Simple

Simple, Caparica Coast

We welcome the community to the official opening of Simple, the first step in Slow’s transformation of a scenic stretch of beach just outside the favela-like fishing village of Cova de Vapor on the relaxed northern end of Portugal’s surf-friendly Caparica Coast. Set between the ocean and the dunes, Simple a laid-back beach restaurant just 20 minutes outside of central Lisbon.

Offering views to the open ocean and across the mouth of the River Tagus to Cascais, Simple sits within a raw-wood beach house in deep sepia and earth tones designed by Annabell Kutucu.

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Farmer’s Workshop

La Granja Ibiza

We welcome the community for a day of discovery under the guidance of master farmer Andy Szymanowicz, an expert in biodynamic agriculture and lacto-fermentation. With the help of his team of nature-loving farmers, Andy will guide us through La Granja’s garden plots, sharing recent developments, discoveries and the season’s most promising crops.

Learn how composting, mulching and a high-tech, sustainable approach to water management have returned vital nutrients to the farm, how eating produce from small farms can benefit your mind and body and how you can bring all of these learnings into your own life, home and personal garden plot. Get involved in a project aimed at reactivating abandoned agricultural lands across the island.

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Farmer's Market

Farmer’s Market

Casa Noble

Join us for our first Farmer’s Market at Casa Noble in Lisbon, where we will offer produce and artisanal items from small farms in the region, including the first harvest of our own 82-hectare former herdade on Portugal’s Arrábida Coast that we are transforming into a biodynamic farmstead for year-round living and hospitality. Architects from the herdade project will be on hand at the Farmer’s Market, sharing drawings and plans for what’s to come

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Conversation with a View hosted by Daniel Pinchbeck

Tulum Treehouse

From the jungle-facing roof terrace of the Treehouse, we continue our conversation series hosted by acclaimed writer Daniel Pinchbeck on the new regenerative paradigm and the impact of rapid development on the indigenous communities and natural ecosystems of Tulum and other developing destinations.

Daniel has written extensively about ecology, shamanism, psychedelics and indigenous prophecy in his books, which include Breaking Open the Head: A Psychedelic Journey into the Heart of Contemporary Shamanism2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl, Notes from the Edge Times and most recently, How Soon is Now? The dialogue, in which we will also discuss actionable steps we can take individually and as a community to offset the harmful effects of rapid development, will be followed by a live performance.

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Xinú Opening

Tulum Treehouse

A sensorial week of music and scent celebrates our collaboration with Xinú, a Mexico City perfumery founded by Ignacio Cadena, Verónica Peña and influential designer Héctor Esrawe, who has created a site-specific sensorial installation bridging the entrance of Tulum Treehouse to the front garden and the new boutique, Xinú’s fourth site in Mexico.

Drawing inspiration from the aromatic biodiversity of the Americas, Xinú is curating botanicals across Tulum Treehouse, from unique food and drink menus to skincare and bathing products. We will celebrate this collaboration with a night of music from Hernan Suarez and Avi Schneider, followed by our resident Jaime Fiorito.

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Cooking Workshop

Tulum Treehouse

Gather in the Treehouse kitchen to uncover Mayan cooking techniques. Learn to grind corn, the heart and soul of Mexican food culture, ith a stone mill and prepare it using techniques going back to pre-Hispanic times.

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Mayan Clay with Emilio Espadas

Tulum Treehouse
16:00 - 19:00

Emilio Espadas of Uayma, a member of one of the last Mayan potter families in the Yucatán, shares his process as we continue our discourse on the indigenous craft and artisanal traditions of the Yucatán.

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Artist in Residence

Uxii in Residence

Tulum Treehouse

Tulum Treehouse artist-in-residence Uxii is a self-taught ceramicist living in Mérida. Her ceramic work explores the composition, use and origin of prehispanic Mayan clay vessels. We invite our residents to investigate new cultural dialogues and possibilities for traditional knowledge preservation.

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Designed to enrich physical, mental and psycho-social wellbeing, our Places explore slowness through craft, farming, healing and design.
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