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Slow Wonder

Chonburi, Thailand

A project with our friends at Wonderfruit, Slow Wonder unites a group of explorers drawn together by the desire to live a more present existence, to immerse ourselves in new, unfamiliar environments and discover the awe and wonder of things.

The Collaboration

Slow Wonder brings us together with Wonderfruit, a gathering for art, culture, music and nature that takes place every year an hour from Bangkok and which we’ve long seen as a kindred project. Wonder is evoked not just as a state of awe but as a continuous relationship between our minds and the world that surrounds us through which we can deepen our connections and act with purpose and intention.

Spurred by our common understanding that the way people are traveling, living and coming together is changing, Slow Wonder represents the merging of our ethos and collective vision — to explore a slower kind of wonder through the cultivation of arts, crops and inner gardens. Kicking off at the 2023 Wonderfruit gathering, Slow Wonder will begin to come together in 2024 in different destinations around the world to explore inwards and outwards with one another.

Dawn of Wonderfruit

When he launched Wonderfruit in 2014, Pranitan “Pete” Phornprapha wanted to bring the festival experience to Thailand, imbuing it with the excitement he had found in the 1990s rave scene and the planet-friendly ethos of Think Earth, the environmental organization founded by his father. “To be honest, I didn’t know what I was doing. It was very innocent, in a way,” said Pete, who aimed to pair social responsibility with quality curation, imbuing it all with a libertine sense of adventure.

One of the first music gatherings in the world to put sustainability and environmentalism at the heart of its program, Wonderfruit has since grown to be a staple of the cultural scene in southeast Asia and beyond, hosting international acts from Richie Hawtin and De La Soul to Four Tet and Blonde Redhead, while also giving a platform to dozens of emerging artists from the region and continuing to expand its cultural program beyond musical curation into food, farming, architecture and design, filmmaking, holistic health and more.

Pete Phornprapha, founder of Wonderfruit “The rave scene was all about questioning things, asking, ‘How do you do things better?’ And I guess that was the spark that lit the fire. I was like, ‘How do you do things better? How do you use culture?’ And not just electronic music but culture in many aspects: food, design, architecture. How do you mix those things and create a dialogue with people about learning, about understanding cultures?”

Slow Wonder in The Fields

The collaboration between Slowness and Wonderfruit officially launched in 2023 with the creation of 26 Slow Wonder cabins and our Jungle House in The Fields of Chonburi. Co-created by Slowness and Wonderfruit, the cabins were designed to encourage pause, with restrained, minimalist interiors and wrap-around verandas looking out on the surrounding landscape.

Designed by Ab Rogers in homage to vernacular architecture of the Thai countryside, Jungle House is a relaxed space for Wonderers to come together around food, drink and music. For its all-day culinary concept, we teamed with the Noma-trained chefs of NUDO in Ibiza, including Edoardo Fiaschi, who previously helmed the kitchens at Tulum Treehouse and La Granja and helped us transform dining at Jungle House into an emotional journey.

Service is smart and full of life. Flavors erupt and surprise. The focus is on regionally sourced coastal ingredients with minimum intervention on the raw materials and natural wines, mainly made by small producers with grapes grown through organic farming. It’s Thai-inflected Mediterranean cuisine that’s new, fresh, almost raw.

Claus Sendlinger, founder of Slowness “The collaboration between Slowness and our good friends at Wonderfruit is so natural, we envision it growing into a year-round traveling community, bringing together these two likeminded groups from opposite sides of the world for meaningful exploration that ushers us together into the new age of awe.”

A Group of Explorers

In 2024, Slow Wonder will begin to venture outward with curated adventures and gatherings taking place in different destinations around the world. These curated programs will include cultural and culinary exploration tied to the local environment, as well as spiritual practice to expand the mind. As a group of explorers, we aim to keep learning and nourishing ourselves and those around us so that, together, we reach for a higher consciousness. Join our mailing list to find out about these developments as they unfold.

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