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    Tulum Treehouse

    Tulum, Mexico

    Centered on an open-air kitchen, Tulum Treehouse is a five-bedroom guesthouse and destination restaurant that explores the tastes, flavors and musical expressions of the Yucatán Peninsula.

    Km 7.3, Carr. Tulum-Boca Paila
    77760 Tulum, Mexico



    Tulum Treehouse began as a home, built between tropical jungle and Caribbean Sea at a time when Tulum was still a sleepy coastal village on the cusp of discovery. As Tulum evolved, so did the Treehouse, first with five guestrooms and a coffee shop, then a jungle bar attuned to the flavors of the Yucatán, a cultural program and an open-air kitchen that's become one of Tulum's preeminent destination restaurants.

    Like the Marrakesh Medina or South Beach in the '80s, today’s Tulum is a place of chaos, contrast and potential. At its heart is the Treehouse, a cultural beacon on the town‘s vibrant, hectic Beach Road where guests can immerse themselves in the textures, tastes, traditions and aromas of the Yucatán Peninsula.


    Designed by COLAB Design Office with interior curation by Annabell Kutucu, windows open to outdoor dining areas and a massive 20-person rooftop dining table looks out onto spectacular views of endless jungle. Locally sourced Tzalam wood contrasts throughout the house with polished white cement.

    Our makers come from very different backgrounds but are united in their commitment to using local, organic, sustainable materials whenever possible toward the creation of a uniquely beautiful and welcoming collaborative space. Stay with us and experience the intersection of exceptional international design with local artisanal traditions and craftsmanship.

    Ranging from 15 to 85 square meters, each room at Tulum Treehouse offers a variation on the experience of staying in a private home. Some feature outdoor showers and private terraces overlooking the mangrove jungle.
    Double Bedroom Suite ground floor, 85 sqm
    - 2 Bedrooms with Queen beds (4 guests max)

    - 2 Private bathrooms

    - Private living room

    - Wrap-around terraces with lounge chair

    - Private entrance with hammock

    Master Suite 35 sqm
    - King bed (2 guests max.)

    - Private bathroom

    - Private terrace with hammock

    Salon Room 25 sqm
    - King bed (2 guests max.)

    - Private bathroom with jungle view shower

    - Access to balcony or terrace

    Jungle Room 15 sqm
    - Double bed (2 guests max.)

    - Bathroom with private outdoor shower

    - Access to balcony or terrace

    Joana Gomes, COLAB Design Office "Inspired by the works of Luis Barragán, each room is designed around the surrounding nature. Framed views through handcrafted surfaces create new compositions throughout the day, reviving genuine connections with the natural world."


    The Kitchen at Tulum Treehouse revels in the natural bounty of the Yucatán and the diversity of its regional cuisine. Under the direction of head chef Antonio Romero, the Kitchen offers rotating, seasonal dishes cooked over an open fire fueled exclusively by wood. Growing up in Mexico City, Romero honed his skills in the capital’s diverse culinary scene, cooking in a range of fine Italian and French kitchens before returning to master his native cuisine. At the Treehouse, Romero brings an experimental approach to traditional dishes from the Yucatán, making each meal a delightful surprise.

    Our Kitchen also adheres to traditional preparatory methods. Maize, the heart and soul of Mexican food culture, is finely ground with a stone mill and prepared using techniques going back to pre-Hispanic times, including ancient forms of fermentation. And through workshops, experimentation and artistic collaborations at the Treehouse, we engage in discourse on the future of food culture together.

    We are only open to overnight guests during the day, and open in the evening for all those with dinner reservations.

    Antonio Romero, Head Chef “Our kitchen is all about connecting with the region's pre-Hispanic roots. We use ancient forms of fermentation, like nixtamal, and work with local farmers and producers, avoiding refined and processed products whenever possible."

    Cultural Program

    A revolving program of nightly musical performances, gatherings and workshops explore the rich cultural heritage of the region. Open House evenings incorporate a special tasting menu created by chef Antonio Romero into a night of musical immersion, while our workshops delve into practices rooted in ancestral techniques and local ecology guided by local artisans and facilitators. Our musical programming ranges from our hybrid electronic-acoustic Cosmic Laboratory night to Músicos del Pueblo nights, when our Jungle Garden becomes a stage for musicians from in and around the pueblo, aka Tulum town.
    Jaime Fiorito, Music Director and Resident "We want to create a space for sonic experimentation, highlighting a variety of sounds from Mexico and wider Latin America, from marimba and cumbia to electronic music that integrates live-looping, downtempo, house and rare grooves."


    From film screenings and live musical performances to workshops, talks and exhibitions, we curate a year-round cultural program devoted to the cultivation of arts, crops and inner gardens.

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